Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fall into my closet

All the fall season clothes are slowly making an appearance. Here are a few things that have caught my eye so far:

This is a great dressy top for night time. I don't like all those shiny fabrics that girls like to wear so much. And the color is a great muted tone and is versatile to wear with some nice pinstriped slacks or dark jeans. This top can be found at Anthropologie.
Great with dark jeans or a pencil skirt. I've been lessening my wearing of graphic tshirts and sneakers. People still think I am a recent graduate - this gives me incentive to not dress so scrubby now. Comfort is still key but I need more casual pieces that don't look too young. Another one from Anthropologie!
I love that this necklace is asymmetrical. And it's turquoise which is one of my favorite colors. This reminds me of planets. And of the beach at the same time. Love this. Please run to Anthropologie, Christmas is coming. This year we ARE doing presents.
A flashback of Bjork's swan dress? Thankfully no. I am feeling the sweater dresses this season and plan to stock up on some. This is a little more flashy than I'd normally wear but it makes the regular sweater dress more fun and colorful. I'll keep hunting high and low (A-HA!) for one that suits me. Also from Anthropologie.
I've always wanted a pair of yellow shoes. These are great - I love ballet flats because they're comfortable but these have a nice toe detail that makes them more interesting, but not stand out too much in a bad way. IE: buckles (guilty, unfortunately), flowers, etc. From Anthropologie. I swear I can flesh out an entire wardrobe from this store. But I won't.
Grey pearl and sterling silver necklace by Alexis Bittar. I love interesting and unique pieces, which is why I love this necklace. So many elements going on and it can be dressed up or down depending on what you're wearing. Not a very practical buy for the upcoming colder months, as they'll most likely get hidden under sweaters and coats. This would be a good spring necklace for that "Tada! Here is my chest!" effect.

More from Alexis Bittar. Lucite bangles that also come in green, red, silver, brown... These are great for stacking. I like that they not an even width all the way around - makes them more interesting.
Tramper boots from Minnetonka - I can't decide which color I want them in as they also come in a tan/taupe color. I really wish they came in red but will make do with one of these.

Teal Gap dress. At only $54, this is a great buy. And versatile enough to make the transition from summer to fall. Great color and very comfortable (I tried it on yesterday). The best part is, it comes in petite as well.

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