Monday, August 4, 2008



I took Friday off and basically did nothing. Which I needed very much. That night we watched The Dark Knight at Lincoln Center in IMAX, but despite arriving 30 minutes early, the only seats left were in the 2nd row. Despite this, the movie was awesome and some great performances put in by Heath Ledger and Michael Caine.

Sweet Only

Night is day

Hope Lounge

Hope Lounge

Saved Tattoo

On Saturday we had brunch at iCi and were rained out. We headed to Williamsburg later on to catch some friends at Hope Lounge. Across the street at Saved Tattoo there was an art show and free booze.

Governor's Island

Governor's Island

Governor's Island

Chinatown Sunset

Step right up & win this bike!

NYC Loves Olafur Eliasson

On Sunday we biked into Manhattan and took the ferry to Governor's Island. Nice and relaxing but we could've done with some picnic food and Scrabble - the food choices were not great. Afterwards, dinner in Chinatown and back across the Manhattan Bridge where I was treated to my first peek at one of Eliasson's waterfalls.

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