Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The doctor is in

Opening September 5, Apotheke on Doyers near Bowery. It's not hard to find but it's a little hidden. Hint: it's close to Joe's Shanghai. Here's a little Q & A with Alan Trummer, co-owner of the new spot.

From NY Mag:
In the spirit of Chinatown, the list of over 250 specialty cocktails will be divided into categories such as Health and Beauty (containing cucumber, rose water, floral notes), Stress Relief (lavender and sage), Pain Killers (cayenne, habanero), Stimulants (espresso, Red Bull), Aphrodisiacs (Champagne, cognac), and Pharmaceuticals (herbal elixers). We’re thinking the Euphoric Enhancers category will get the most attention: The Opium Uplifter is made from South American herbs and botanicals soaked in a Guatemalan rum essence, and is finished with house bitters. The House Absinthe is supposedly made using a secret 200-year-old recipe that involves fermented sugarcane juice.

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