Monday, September 1, 2008

Falling into you

Combien d'argent

It's Labor Day. If I was still in school, summer would officially be OVER. However, I run with the moon and the moon tells me that there are 3 weeks left of the season.

Above is a head start I've gotten on fall things. A fabulously dark metallic chocolate red nail polish, skinny gray corduroy pants and a treasured necklace from Bonbon Oiseau.

I've just seen the first of my houseguests this year come and go. Andrew and Katie were great to have - Andrew has been here many times and it was Katie's first time. We had some great sushi at Ushiwakamaru and dessert tasting at Kyotofu. We did lunch at Soba Totto and spent one whole morning at the Union Square Greenmarket gathering supplies for a weekend Williamsburg BBQ.

We also managed to sneak in some shopping and museums along the way. There is a great exhibit at the International Center of Photography featuring all Japanese photographers as well as some works by Avedon and Arbus, and Bill Wood's Business - a collection of photos from 1937-1973. Great great stuff. I love photography because you are seeing how other people see the world. You are looking at what someone else thought was important to photograph. It is a medium that uses found objects and it's interesting to see what others do with them.

At the Whitney Museum we saw Robert Mapplethorpe's polaroids, which are early and raw. One stood out in particular, taken from an NYC rooftop. In the foreground the buildings are dark and indistinguishable. There appears to be light coming up from the street, which illuminates some buildings in the middle: a mystery. We also saw a small Alexander Calder exhibit and I am excited to note that Calder's Circus will be making an appearance in October! The main draw right now is Buckminster Fuller, whose low-cost housing and repeated geometric shapes are interesting and genius. Please go see it if you get a chance.

I am actually looking forward to the fall. Our friends are getting married and with that comes a short vacation to San Francisco. The lease on our apartment is up soon, which signifies one whole year of Clinton Hill. Hard to believe it was only one year ago that we were moving in with no furniture!


Bonbon Oiseau said...

so great to see you yesterday and I love this picture you took! Hope your new necklace makes you feel like the queen of clinton hill for another year (with furniture).

ana dane said...

ooh, that nail polish will set off the red in the necklace so beautifully. be sure to post a pic when all your fall fashions are debuted.

lazysundae said...

thanks! great seeing both of you yesterday. i love love love this latest bonbon.