Monday, December 15, 2008

Na paka bagbagdamdamin

Do you know what that means? "Heartwarming" in tagalog.

I just watched CJ7, Stephen Chow's newest (?) film. The auteur behind Shaolin Soccer and God of Cookery, Chow always infuses a zany, comedic vein into his films. So his doing a children's film wasn't a far stretch. The basic storyline is about Dicky and his father, a construction worker. Dicky's father wants him to have the education he never could, so in order to send him to a posh private school, he works double time and starves himself. Most of Dicky's things are salvaged from the dump, including CJ7, a lost alien who helps Dicky achieve his heart's desires. Or does he?

The best part about this film is that a lot of the boy characters are actually played by girls. The part of Dicky is played by Jiao Xu, and it was her film debut. Very solid acting throughout the film - highly recommended!

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