Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend in photos

Colorful door
On Saturday I met up with Angel & Laurea at Huckleberry Bar to check out Stevie Rose's jewelry trunk show. Some pieces I liked but not enough to shell the dough out for. Angel and I walked up Union to catch the G up to Greenpoint and saw this colorful door.

Colorful juice boxes outisde a Polish market
We headed to Bonbon Oiseau's studio sale. I bought a fabulous alpaca knit hat from Hortensia Handknits that Alex says looks like an old school football helmet. Met some wonderful women and gobbled up Ana Dane's pecan-caramel cookies. These are colorful juice boxes taken outside a Polish grocery. My second time in Greenpoint this week. Need to head back soon to check out Dalaga and Jan & Aya on Franklin. And to snag some of that apple mint juice - sounds delicious!

St. James covered in snow
That night, the first snowfall. I took a walk outside and ate some snowflakes - it was so quiet and the streets were shiny with damp snow and traffic lights.

An empty stage at Gifted Holiday Market at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple. Hosted by BK Flea and Time Out NY.

Necessary Objects
The abominable snow woman does inventory. I could never pull this look off but somehow, she did.

Little professor
This kid was having his picture taken on the stage - I think he was directing the photographer, bossy little thing.

Bed-Stuy sky
After brunch and crafting we headed to Home Depot. When we left the sun was just starting to set and turned all the clouds half pink-half purple.

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Bonbon Oiseau said...

nice sister!! thanks so much for coming--wish i could have relaxed and tooled around with you two! (nice door!)