Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Snow Day

We went to DUMBO to check out BK Flea's Winter Antiques Market and to eat at Hecho en DUMBO. The indoor market didn't have the same feel - the lighting was dim, it was crowded, it was too hectic. DUMBO has some great little stores, however. It's grown while we've been sleeping on it.

P.S. Bookshop
P.S. Bookshop, specializing in rare and used. I'll be back to browse longer - some great finds here!

Poor freezing dog
This poor dog was freezing its ass off. While its owner browsed for organic produce.

At powerHouse Books
Yes We Can: photos by Scout Tufankjian. He got some really great captures - not the usual deal. Great candid moments, emotions. Nice composition as well, untraditional. If you're in the area definitely check it out. It's a great bookstore as well and they publish their own.

All roads lead to BK
BK Bridge looms big and dark in the background.

Tres Leches Cake with Homemade Caramel Ice Cream at Hecho en Dumbo
Dessert at Hecho en Dumbo: tres leches cake with lime creme fraiche frosting and homemade caramel ice cream. Articles boasted "the best Mexican food this side of the Red Hook Ballfields." I don't really agree with that but it was not bad at all. The beef burritas were delicious with just a squeeze of lime and the margaritas were outstanding.

10/355 2009
On our way home, a snow covered hippy van.

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