Sunday, January 4, 2009

The perfect first date

3/365 2009

A heavy load of laundry? An overzealous back massage? A horrible coughing fit? The fat ass cat? I don't know what rendered me couch-bound once again this weekend but I felt better as soon as I put Breakfast at Tiffany's on.

This is a screenshot from one of my favorite scenes (the other one being the party scene in Holly's apartment) where Holly and dear Fred spend the entire day doing things they've never done before.

For me:
1. I've never been to the Cloisters. Or the Fricke Museum. Or the big NY Botanical Garden in the Bronx.
2. I've never taken the Water Taxi anywhere.
3. I've never actually been to Katz's deli but I have eaten a pastrami sandwich from there. It doesn't really count.
4. I've never been to Staten Island except to board or deboard the ferry.
5. I've never been to the racetrack but I've been dying to go to Belmont Park.
6. I've never watched a minor league ballgame.
7. I've never ice skated at Rockefeller.
8. I've never been to a live show taping.
9. I've never been to Saks. Or Bendel's.
10. I've never tried on an extravagantly expensive outfit just for fun.
11. I've never stopped a celebrity to ask for a picture or autograph. In NYC anyway.
12. I've never walked through Central Park at night.
13. I've never seen the Macy's (or Bloomingdale's, or Saks, or etc) Xmas window displays during the holidays.
14. I've never cooked an entire meal consisting of ingredients only purchased at the green market.
15. I've never ridden the train from one end of its route to the other end.
16. I've never ridden the gondolas to/from Roosevelt Island.

And you? Wouldn't it be fun to spend an entire day or even weekend doing things you've never done before? Too bad I'm feeling adventurous just when my body's given up on me.


Christian said...

I normally just read in silence, but thought your last couple of posts were particularly in sync with my own mind lately.

Anyway, cheers to following up on adventures and not being so damned disappointed in everyone. Lower expectations in '09!

lazysundae said...

To be a brat, why should I have to lower my expectations? People should not be so selfish. Or disappointing.

Christian said...

Because that hasn't worked for ___ number of years we've been alive.

I've decided it's time for either a) a new strategy or b) a cessation of complaining.

That said, the new strategy just might consist solely of walking around with noise canceling headphones and a raised middle finger.

Richard said...

"Don't dream it, be it. ....In those days desires weren't allowed to become realities, so fantasy was substituted for them, films, books, pictures, they called it, 'Art'. But when your desires become reality you don't need fantasy any longer, or art."

Richard said...

lazysundae said...

thanks richard! have you seen that movie? i might check it out.