Sunday, February 22, 2009

Caturday at the Flea

Bishop Loughlin Memorial High
I can't wait til BK Flea moves back to Clinton Hill. However, I am enjoying the trips out to DUMBO for their indoor space because it gives me a chance to visit another part of Brooklyn I normally wouldn't. There's Halcyon (record store/cafe), PowerHouse Books, Grimaldi's, Loopy Mango, and a throng of furniture stores, many of which are strangely Asian-centric. Today I met Angel down there and we browsed both sides.

LinkI scored this tiny "J" charm from Elma Blint Design. She had really cute stuff - very simple and I wanted every single tiny charm she had. She's usually at the Flea but can also be found at Baubles & Thorn, 111 Lafayette at S. Oxford in Fort Greene.

Handblown glassware by Andrew O. Hughes at BK Flea
Beautiful, simple handblown glasses by Andrew O. Hughes. They all had a thumb indentation for a sure grip. I also loved the stemless wine glasses. At $25 a pop for the big glasses pretty steep. I'd rather nab the Esther Derkx stemware at Jan&Aya.

52/313 2009 Ring around the rosies at BK Flea
These kids were adorable. Check the outfits on the girls. I loved the little girl in tutu with silver sneakers and Angel loved the little mismatched girl. The little boy saw us eating (tamale and brownie) and cried and cried and tried to reach out for something, anything to put in his mouth.

Crazy eyes

City of Lost Children
When we hit the Selima Optique booth we went a little nuts trying on the glasses. These were pretty wild - kind of like the City of Lost Children on acid!

Sheep modeling rings at Loopy Mango
We stopped at Loopy Mango on the way back. I loved this little display case, with the mini sheep showing off some rings.

Dain in DUMBO
Art by Dain. I can't really find that much information on him except that he was born in Coney Island.

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