Thursday, February 5, 2009


I did one of these on Facebook but it was rushed and I was in a bad mood that day. So here goes:

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

1. I really love antiquing. Especially for old kitchen things and artwork. Clothing not so much.

2. I wish I was an awesome skater. On a skateboard. Also wish I could play bass guitar and sing.

3. I took ballet classes from age 3-11 and tap from age 6-11. In the next year I plan to take tap again, either at the Y or Alvin Ailey's.

4. I learned to draw from Ed Emberley's big Red, Green and Purple books. I still collect them and to this day he remains one of my heroes. So does Alexander Calder. A more recent hero is Bruno Munari. I guess I have a thing for old male artists.

5. Or just old men in general because I also admire Marshall Mcluhan.

6. I really thought I was going to be an Olympic rider when I was younger. And a veterinarian. My mom just sent me a box full of awards, photos and fan mail from when I used to ride and I got so sad.

7. I think about friends I had when I was eight and long to know them again.

8. I prefer the company of older people. They have more stories to tell and they don't get caught up in dumb shit.

9. I'm pretty good at learning new languages.

10. I love talking about poop. Even though it is disgusting. Like I'll see dogshit on the ground and laugh hysterically and take a photo. Or if I was out drinking the night before I'll text Chris or Ryan and tell them which poop I'm on. Chris thinks it's funny, Ryan just takes it.

11. Getting old scares me way more than dying.

12. I've always loved stationary and pens and paper products in general. I'm also a pretty good pen pal. So if anyone wants to be a pen pal, send me your address and we can re-discover the lost art of snail mail letters.

13. My best subject in school was Biology. I'd be a marine biologist now if things had worked out 11 years ago. Or a dog walker. Or an event planner.

14. I waited tables for 6 years, temped for two and worked on a farm for two winters in a row. All to avoid the desk job that I'm so unhappy at right now.

15. When I'm PMSing, you will know. Lord help you.

16. I can spend all day in a bookstore. Choosing books is serious business! If you try to rush me while I am shopping, I will probably bite your head off.

17. I show my love by punching, teasing and cooking.

18. The worst thing I've had to Google lately is "Stage 3 bed sores." The image can be found here. This is one hazard of having an ex-nurse as a best friend. The second worst thing I've had to Google was "butt hash."

19. When it comes to food, I do not discriminate. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, offal, weird animals. As long as it tastes good, I WILL EAT IT!!! I've eaten kangaroo! And rabbit and snail and duck fetus. The duck fetus was not so yummy but at least I tried it.

20. I complain about the cat a lot but she is a great pet.

21. When my brother was born I think I tried to kill him.

22. Just kidding.

23. It takes me about 2 full days to recover. On Monday I thought I would never drink again but just now I have polished off two glasses of wine.

24. In 6th grade I was sent out of class because a book was thrown AT me. Thanks Mr. Williamson.

25. I have a soft spot for people who remind me of my family. Like Marty Crane from Frasier (my dad) and the guy in the next cube (my brother)

I don't even think 25 people read this blog, so I tag all of you.


Bonbon Oiseau said...

no wonder i think you're so swell. see #'s2 (sub surfer), #4 , #8 (lucky for you i'm old), #14 (a farm? in winter--you are hard core), #15 but who isn't, #16 and have when i was unemployed and unemployable, #25.

also my doctor told me to google, "core excercise" and i laughed because i don't feel like it.

it's me ...Twinkie Chan! said...

We also thought you were going to be an Olympic rider!!! Ok, this is going to be kinda creepy, but the internet is a creepfest s it shouldn't be so bad. My mom really liked chatting with your mom at horse shows back in the day in the Bay Area, I think maybe because they were like the ONLY Asian horse moms. I eventually rode at Willow Tree for like half a second but that was after you had left. Anyway, through the magic of random clicking and hopping from site to site, I had to say hi! As ex horsey people, who left horses, and who seem to have an interest in the crafty (my blog linked to this name takes you to my rando Yucky Food blog, but actually my craft persona Twinkie Chan crochets stuff!). Uh, anyway, hi! HOpe you are well!