Sunday, February 8, 2009

Some flicks from the weekend

37/328 2009 Bday tulips and the bromeliad
Birthday tulips from Laura next to my bromeliad. Doesn't seem to be faring well this winter, I think it's too cold by the window. I love how the colors are a little hazy in the morning light.

Subway philosophy
Bright subway poetry - someone really took the time to do this lettering. The last and only time I wrote on a subway poster, I got a $75 ticket!!

Bonbon Oiseau
Bonbon Oiseau at the Flea. I had to purchase a pair of earrings that I had my eye on (photo below). It's very hard to decide on what to buy because I pretty much want everything.

C215 in DUMBO
I've never seen this artist's work before. This is C215 who does crazy awesome stencils.

39/326 2009 Engrish brekkie
This morning I made this delicious English breakfast - it looks like a lot but it was pretty easy to make. I used B&M maple & brown sugar baked beans, which are DELICIOUS!! The beans are small and not mushy and the sauce is sweet and thick. Good.

Hypnotic Brass Band
The Hypnotic Brass Band at Union Square - great to watch and a really tight sound.

Combien d'argent
Some birthday presents I bought myself. New Bonbons, a ring made from recycled eyeglasses by Selima Optique, a Threadless tee by Miso/Ghostpatrol, and my one extravagance - Heavy Liquid by Paul Pope. I've been wanting this for a long time and it's been out of print until this edition.

Today we also watched Coraline in digital 3D. Visually beautiful and surprisingly frightening, with amazing animation. I liked that it wasn't completely CGI; there was still an element of tangibility. The 3D didn't really do much for it as the screen was pretty tiny - that was my only complaint. But definitely check it out if you can - very charming.


Bonbon Oiseau said...

thanks for coming to visit A and i'm so glad you like those earrings! they're goingto looks so bad-ass with that cat woman with grazing bull t-shirt...
for real!

ana dane said...

hmm, your bromeliad just might need more humidity. i keep mine right against a cold window, and it's fine all winter- but i water right into the leaf centers and keep the dish underneath it full of water.

it's a lovely photo.

lazysundae said...

d - i did wear the earrings w/ that shirt, on your suggestion!

a - the stupid instructions for the bromeliad said not to water it too much. dohhh. i do pour water directly into the leaves and i'll try your trick tonight.