Friday, April 17, 2009


In honor of spring babies. I always poopoo the idea of having kids. Too expensive. There won't be a world for them to grow up in. They're tiring. I'm too selfish. But mainly I just don't want to HAVE the baby. Physically shove it out my no-no hole. No thank you. However, I do love children. If I had kids I'd play them these songs:

Gracie by Ben Folds from the album Songs for Silverman. I love this - very simple and great piano sounds. The video sucks but this is the best song quality I could find on YouTube. This kind of sums up how I'd feel about the bebe.

Here, There & Everywhere by the Beatles from Revolver. One of my favorite Beatles albums. Of course my child would grow up listening to the Beatles. OF COURSE.

Naked As We Came by Iron & Wine from Our Endless Numbered Days. Directed by Sam Beam himself. I think babies would love his voice. Babies love folk. THEY DO.

Rad by Smoosh from She Like Electric. When the kid gets older he/she is gonna love this album.

Little Bitty Pretty One by the Jackson 5. Tell me you're not dancing right now and I'll slap you.

What will you play your little one?

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