Saturday, May 23, 2009

Oh goodness

I'm cleaning out crates of old things. Old photos, journals, sketchbooks, Filofax/planners dating back to 1997 (I've kept them all since then)...

Here is a list of "Things I want to do before I hit 30" that I wrote in 1998:
1. Travel Europe, S. America, Africa, Iceland
I've been to Paris, London, Frankfurt, Switzerland and Helsinki
2. Visit New Orleans, NY
Well now I live in NY
3. Sky dive & bungee jump
Is this still possible w/ my jacked up back?
4. Have my own house
5. Fall in love
Been there, still there. And have left some carnage along the way.
6. Know myself
After many years of trial & error, maybe this is a not-too-distant possibility
7. Know what I want out of life
I had some grand ideas back then!

Also, many poems and rantings that I penned whilst baked out of my mind. This all makes for horribly entertaining (and mortifying) reading!

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Bonbon Oiseau said...

niice! better get yourself to south america, pronto!