Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday at the Flea

We were standing in line at Choice Market when a huge gust of wind caught the tent and WHOOOOSH! It flew right over our heads! This is the Elsa's Empanadas tent, experiencing the same problem.

Orange children
As we ate our breakfast - me an iced coffee and croissant and Alex pork and beef tacos, we watched these two children in front of us. The boy had a pair of binoculars and I could swear he was trying to see up my skirt!

Asia dog
Asia dog, a new addition to the food stalls. They weren't set up yet when we got there so next week will definitely have to try this. How can you resist something called Wangding??

Shiny silk Thai scarves
Beautiful cotton-silk scarves at Kingdom of Nan. I bought a beautiful summer dress here and will be back for scarves. The prices are super reasonable.

Loved these picnic posters by Herman Miller
I went gaga for these posters but sadly they were too expensive.

Letterpress detail
Detail from a huge display of letterpress fonts and designs. I love these but what to do with them?

We dubbed this the "dread loaf"
I sat with Deb at her booth for the whole day and we spotted this guy weaving past us in the crowd. CRAAAAZY dread! I also got to meet pretty much her entire family - her sweet parents, her older brother and her genius niece and bf.

Fine & Raw chocolate ice cream
A little mid-afternoon treat from Fine & Raw. Smooth, fudgy chocolate ice cream! This and a salty caramel macaron from Alex's Lemonade Stand across the were was delicious. Deb also had some banana granola that she sprinkled into the ice cream as we neared the end, making it "healthy."

Great sunny/breezy day at the Flea. It feels wonderful to be back in Brooklyn!

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Bonbon Oiseau said...

hahaha..great photos alexis! damn kids!