Monday, June 1, 2009


Kamakura Beach, originally uploaded by /\ltus.

I had a dream that I was on a beach and crazy tidal waves started rolling in. They were breaking before they hit the shore but everyone was freaking out. I started running and found a little boy that looked homeless. He was in raggy looking clothes that were too big. So I grabbed him and ran.

The entire dream consisted of us trying to find shelter and food and trying to stay away from the water. I came across a section of sand where there were hundreds of tripods with cameras set up, all pointed towards the ocean.

1. If the dreamer is drinking water, this is a symbol for enjoying life. If the dreamer is at presently in bad circumstances, dreaming of drinking water implies that good times are ahead.

2. Clear, calm water portends happiness, while river rapids or crashing surf implies rough times on the horizon.

3. A waterfall, particularly if there is also a rainbow in the dream, indicates success, happiness, and wealth coming into the dreamer's life.


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