Sunday, May 31, 2009

Da Do Run Run

Alex's first marathon
Before 7:30am

Tiger Woods yall
After 10:30am

Alex ran his first ever marathon on Saturday, making good on his self-imposed time limit of two hours. Official time: 2:01:37. I met him at Prospect Park to collect his tshirt and other things he wasn't running with, then met him at Coney Island after the finish line. A fun day, a beautiful day, a wonderful food-filled day:

We rode the train back up with Chris & Patty to have lunch at the Flea

WANGDING from Asia Dog
This is the Wangding from Asiadog, a beef hot dog topped with pork belly, scallions and Chinese BBQ sauce. Oh my lord.

Baby Henry. I was trying to wave my Mexican corn at him to get his attention. There was an even fatter baby I couldn't catch, super chubby with bright red hair.

Then we bought wine and antipasto and watched the Cavs fall to the Magic with Christine & Cinco to complete the cypher. Ricotta cheese, fig jam and prosciutto di Parma on thick, chewy sourdough is my new favorite snack.

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