Friday, July 31, 2009

What the...?

Last night I dreamt that I was really upset with Alex. He told me he'd met a girl named Cate and she'd been emailing him some artwork she did. And that she was his GIRLFRIEND. I flipped my lid and started screaming, why do you need another one when you already have me?!?! Then I was with Chris and Patty yelling my head off about it and Patty was going to take me out. Except I'd been making a layered rainbow Jello dessert - why?? And Chris and Alex were eating it before it was finished. Chris was in a wheelchair. (Wasn't there a character in Friday named Little Chris? In a wheelchair? Or was it Boyz n the Hood?) There was some weird dog-wolf creature in the hallway and I had to use the bathroom, I'd catch up with them downstairs. There was howling everywhere. I couldn't part my hair - it kept coming out all crooked. I had Alex's laptop, and I looked at his files and found a folder labeled "Cate" that had all kinds of comic book-looking drawings and sketches. Cubist, shaded characters that looked like The Thing.


When we woke up this morning I asked Alex, "Do you know anyone named Cate?" "No?" (very groggily).

I'm going to make a layered Jello casserole.

2 comments: said...

isn't it interesting what we take from our dreams? Poeple think you can buy a dream book and interpret but really you cant. You might see a soft cuddly bear in your dreams, or a big ferocious bear, two totally different things with different meanings. Dream dictionaries only say "bear".
I had an incident once where a name I pulled out of my dream turned out to be a real person! his funeral services turned out to be the the very building I was asleep in when i had that dream! Scary huh?
Rainbow jello... remind me to tell you something you can add to jello to make it wonderful!

lazysundae said...

i have no idea where all of that stuff came from except that boyz in the hood is a favorite movie of mine.

i also had a dream last night that a problem i had fixed itself but when i woke up this morning i realized that it really was just a dream. cry.