Friday, December 11, 2009

Gettin knitty widdit


Cabled knit necklaces


My display

Participated in my first arts/crafts fair today, hosted by a company in my office building. It was open only to employees but I made out better than I had thought! The necklaces with pendants ($40/45) were very popular as were the neck cozies ($45-70). And when I say popular I mean I sold about two of each.

I didn't really know how to set up my table until I was at a bookstore and spied craft wrapping paper, and then it just all came together. I made pompom garlands to decorate and then just covered the entire tabletop with the paper. I didn't have any business cards so I took a few photos with my Fuji Instax and wrote my info on mini sticky labels on the back. Tadaaaaa!

I love knitting - it's amazing to see what you can make from a single strand of fiber. The fact that I can do it pretty much anywhere makes it appealing as well. One thing that's funny to me is that people ask me things like "Do you have this in such-and-such color?" especially for the necklaces. All of those pieces are made with scrap yarn, so it totally depends on what I'm using at the time and what colors I have. Plus, it's not like I have a stockpile of supplies. I guess I'll get a feel for what is popular with buyers vs. what I like myself. It's always a learning process.

The pompoms were really fun to make too. Using scrap yarn, remembering what projects I made them for... It's like a trip down crafty memory lane!

My Etsy store is now open - I'm slowly adding to it as I take pictures of my goods. Please visit and pass the word along!

Lazysundae Knits at Etsy

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