Monday, December 7, 2009

It's the little things

Did some shopping with Angel this weekend. We stopped in at a little vintage jewelry store and after perusing everything I stepped up to the counter to pay for my finds, a tiny military (?) pin and a pair of 1960s/70s enamel clip-on earrings. Inside the glass case were the more expensive pieces, including the tiniest, dantiest bar pins. Some where enameled in baby pink and others had simple filigree.

I asked the saleslady what they were and she responded, "They're lingerie pins!" LINGERIE PINS?? "What, like thong clips??"

Apparently, back in the day when people actually paid attention to gorgeous little details like these, and garments were carefully made and most probably handcrafted and not mass-produced, they made lingerie pins to attach your bra strap to your slip.

I'm pretty floored by little details like this.


heart charlie said...

This is an extremely lovely detail! Which vintage jewelry place did you go to? I am in bk too :)

lazysundae said...

Hi! It was Pippin on 17th St. The ones pictured above I found online.