Tuesday, December 1, 2009


KENYA Masai Mara, originally uploaded by maksid (on a trip).

So it's officially been announced: I'm going to Kenya next spring!

After a written portion, the selection committee picked 5 employees from each location to interview. They then interviewed our bosses and announced the winner about two weeks ago.

We will be working with Free the Children to visit the community we are sponsoring, called Oloosiyoi and located about 2 hours outside of Nairobi. There we will observe their way of life and help build schools, plant trees, and help them get running water.

I'm really excited about this program because it's not like a lot of other aid programs. In providing them with schools we are helping to educate them. Women are being taught skills needed in order to become economically self-sufficient. It's not a missionary kind of charity where they try to force them into a different way of life. Through education and knowledge, Free the Children helps those in need to become confident and aware of how to better their lives.

They also have projects in China, Ecuador, India, Sierra Leone and Sri Lanka.

When we return, we will be expected to lead discussions and to spread the word. It's rarely that you ever get to see the good your donations make, which is why I was so excited about this opportunity.

To learn more, visit the website. I've also added a donation link to the right of the page if you are interested in doing so. There doesn't seem to be an official HTML code for this but once I know more about the program and meet more of their people I hope to get this in the works. Please donate what you can!

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