Sunday, February 28, 2010

i don't even know why i started writing this or maybe i just don't want to explain

I don't even remember whose birthday this is

you are born. you're unaware of yourself.
you get older.
you learn to speak.
you start to walk.
you learn to go in the potty.
you get older, you go to school.
you start to make your own decisions and make friends.
you get older, you start to realize your parents aren't your only heroes.
you discover girls. boys. there are school dances.
you get older, you learn that your heart is breakable.
you graduate high school and learn that the world is so much larger than you ever imagined.
you enter college and try to reinvent yourself. but you realize you'll always be you.
you get older, you start to realize the value of real friends.
you might lose one or two.
you get older, you realize a different kind of heartbreak.
you start work. you get more responsibilities.
you get older, you start paying rent.
you have more bills to pay.
you get older, you find The One. you settle down.
your friends start getting married.
you get older, you start a family.
your children grow up together.
your worries are different.
you get older, your parents get older.
you get older, you lose people. people who you're not supposed to lose, not just yet.
your childhood heroes get older, they die.
you get older. your friends start to lose their parents one by one and, you fear the same happening to you.
you get older. you wonder where your life went.
you realize the highlight of your day is, you're so old people give up their seat for you on public transportation.
you're so old.
you're so old.

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