Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Sundae!

Ira Glass, originally uploaded by nash.zach.

I had an awesome dream last night for a change, I was working at a radio station and was walking past a waiting room/lounge of sorts and I happened to peek in. I saw Ira Glass sitting in there and walked in to introduce myself and tell him what a fan I was. He was super nice and somehow ended up on the air with me doing a short session. I can't remember what the subject was, but it had something to do with robotic witnesses at a court room hearing.

Afterwards I asked one of his producers if I could take a photo but due to legal issues (I don't remember what) it was not possible. He offered himself as a consolation prize but I walked away disappointed. This would not be the case in real life, however, because if you look through Flickr there are TONS of photos of him with fans.

SO THERE. Ira Glass, one day we will be together. In a photo.

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Jelani said...

Keep dreaming. Love the "robotic witness at a court room hearing."