Saturday, January 2, 2010

I wish I had some roots

Then I'd have a home base where all my old things would be permanently instead of everything being split between 2 continents, all haphazardly divided by mom & dad...

When I was about 10 and still living in California my dad went to an estate sale and came back with beautiful a old Russian lacquered hinged box for me. It was black, with a snow scene on the front. A couple in a troika pulled by a red horse. I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE IT IS!!

So I went in search of some. Ebay has some ridiculously expensive ones but Etsy has proven once again to be an awesome resource:

Beautiful design - I'm looking for some more similar to the first one, with the detail and filigree at the edges. These look like they're a good size but they are actually TINY. The one I had was about 6 inches square. I desperately need jewelry organization so I'm looking at these and also some tiered vintage dessert trays.

Here are some other ideas...
Antique bank box
This would also be a good container to put all my knitting needles.

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