Monday, January 4, 2010


Rather than set resolutions I will never adhere to I thought that this year, and this new decade, I should set achievable goals for myself.

For 2010 these include:
  • EAT AT: Bar Artisanal, DBGB, The Breslin, Scarpetta, Minetta Tavern
  • DRINK AT: Clover Club, Rye, Mayahuel
  • Travel to the Philippines - ETA sometime in the fall of 2010. This Jan 1st marked 10 years since I've seen my dad. Unacceptable.
  • Get a new job. Deadline: end of summer! Or at least be headed in that direction.
  • Finish house things - need more frames and artwork (hang up the ones Alex found also), paint bench, repaint kitchen, industrial chandelier or other lighting projects. We also need a new shower curtain in the master bath.
  • Make a work area in the bedroom - more storage bins, clean up shelving unit, need comfy chair and lighting. Need an inspiration board.
  • Get a museum membership. MOMA would probably be the best.
  • Build up my Etsy/knitting side business. Start writing my own patterns. With money I earn, half of it will go back into the business - more yarn, business cards, sew-on labels.The other half will go towards paying off debt. (This will probably be the hardest)
  • Try hosting supper club at least once.
  • Start embellished sweaters project.
  • Go to the Cloisters.
  • Learn to crochet.
  • Make spare bathroom into a darkroom.
  • Learn intarsia and fair isle knitting.
  • Visit Boston/Berkshires. Watch a Celtics game, visit WEBS store.
  • Go to Philly & watch a 6ers game.
  • Make pate, a vegetable terrine, fresh gnocchi.
Some ideas for my work area:
Lillberg rocking chair from IKEA - comfy, rocks but not granny's

A Moroccan pouf to put my legs up I rock. Most definitely to be destroyed by cat.

Trollsta side table from IKEA

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