Sunday, June 20, 2010

Future so bright

Beautiful Saturday at the Flea.
Robyn was in town for some meetings and stayed with me over the weekend so on Saturday we went to the Flea to eat and shop. It's always nice going with first timers because I never really get to browse through everything anymore.

Crate digging $1 records
We found a vendor who had a $1 LP table and did a little digging. Robyn scored a Diana Ross/Supremes album for $1 and I got a live Beach Boys album, The Jets and a double LP compilation of sold gold tracks all for $7.

Later that night we stopped at Bar Olivino to sample some wines and cheese, bought some bottles we liked, then headed up to a friend's place nearby for some TX Hold 'em. My playing was erratic at best but I'm learning!

Extreme grilling!!
On Sunday after bootcamp we celebrated Father's Day by grilling on Mike and Seth's roof. Seth has this great little propane grill that folds up into a portable little box, so we grilled sausages and chicken kebabs. Michael had made fresh lemonade which we drank with vodka, as well as some refreshing gazpacho.

Group photo
We spread some bedsheets out and ate, drank, napped. With so little outdoor space, a good rooftop is a valuable commodity.

BK Sunset
The best part about rooftop BBQs: the sunset. The tall building to the right is the old Williamsburgh Savings Bank, which is now used for private events.

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