Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun in sun

Awesome long weekend. I started it off right by leaving work early on Friday for lunch with Team Kenya, then headed to Long Beach with some of the TX crew. Saturday was spent lazing on the roof with sangria and Paul Pope, then on Sunday Angel and Mitch scooped us up and we headed out to Levy's house on Long Island...

Open seas
The house has been lived in by students for a very long time and is only a 5 minute walk to the beach. Levy's roommate Brooke is studying marine biology (jealous!) and has tanks full of turtles and crabs in the house, as well as a vegetable garden. She also built a tree swing underneath a platform on which you can sit/nap.

This is the shack
There's a little raised hut right there where we can sit in the shade.

We stayed on the beach to watch the sunset, the sun a giant red ball sinking lower and lower into the ocean.

Watching the sunset
Watermelon, sangria, beer and friends on the beach.

We watched fireworks on the beach.

Target practice
The next day it took a while for everyone to feel human again. Before leaving we headed down to the beach one more time, shot Levy's air rifle (targets pictured above) and played in the sprinkler. 

Getting wasted for America!

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