Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Team Active Brooklyn

I ran my first race this past Sunday and it was a lot easier than I thought. Angel, Alex & I did the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Central Park.

The weather was great for a run, overcast and a little bit cool. We started late and had to dodge all the walkers but we finished in under 40 minutes, which was not too bad considering I'd never run this long before without stopping.

I'd only been running about 1.5 miles in the mornings, 2-3 times a week. It's really not that hard and now in the mornings I'm going a little longer.

Here's what I've been listening to lately. I'm going to try to make one of these a month so I don't get too bored with the music, so look out for those. Here are the songs that are on it:

En Vill Hest - Casiokids
Open Your Eyes - Snow Patrol
Kim & Jessie - M83
Walking on the Milky Way - OMD
Help I'm Alive - Metric
Arc - Pearl Jam
Rally - Phoenix
Little Bit - Lykke Li
All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem
Tonight, Tonight - Smashing Pumpkins
You can download it here.
It's not typical workout music - it's a little slower. I can't take all the untz-untz-untz that gyms normally play because that makes me even more tired. These are songs that I really like and that are a little slower, to help me keep pace.

Day 12: Post race brunch at the Sunburnt Calf

After the race (I can't even call it a race but I hate the term "fun run") we headed to the Sunburnt Calf for their all you can drink brunch. $18 gets you brunch plus bottomless brunch drinks!
That's an Aussie burger, topped with all the usual suspects plus a beet slice, pineapple and a fried egg. I had to use a fork and knife to eat it.
Running has definitely helped to make me feel and live healthier. Sure I eat like shit once in a while but I generally try to make an effort to eat a lot of vegetables and grains during the week. Typically, I eat oatmeal or granola+yogurt in the mornings with orange juice or tea. For lunch I usually do couscous or quinoa with roasted vegetables, and then for dinner something not too heavy. Alex has been taking care of it the past few nights, and we've done couscous and sausage stuffed peppers, lamb with cucumber yogurt salad and rice/lentils as well as roasted tomato and eggplant soup. 
It's all a domino effect - you just have to get motivated to start, and it'll keep going on its own. It used to be really hard for me to get up in the mornings to run, but it feels really good to sweat and get your heart rate up.
I'm even planning on taking my gear with me when I travel - it's a great way to get to know a city. 

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