Sunday, October 10, 2010

Caturday on bikes

Yesterday was a really beautiful fall day. So we got on our bikes...

Fail at life
Dumb asses at the Flea. Literally.

Chrysler Building
The Chrysler Building from the outside...
Inside the Chrysler Building
...and the inside

After almost an hour (?!) in line!
The Park Ave Armory Carnival...
Happy kids after the fun slide

Ferris wheel

Happy with the girl on stilts

It's getting better for me to bike in Manhattan now but it is getting more and more hectic. More dumb bikers, more dumb pedestrians and more crazy drivers. Can't tell you how many people I yelled at yesterday. Cabs pull in and out of the bike lanes to pick up and drop off passengers, people step right out into the street to hail cabs. And then you have dumb ass kids and delivery guys biking the wrong way down one way streets. I yelled at all of them. Dummies!

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