Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Sweetest Thing

Signs in North Beach

Oysters & Beer for breakfast at Swan Oyster Depot

Fire escape

Truck fur coat

Aquarium at CAS

The living roof

Barry McGee


Eddie & Dre

Michoacana Mexican Ice Cream in Sonoma


Happy feet

I don't even remember taking this

This past weekend I was in San Francisco & Sonoma for Dre's wedding.

I flew out by myself and stayed with Robyn, and since she had to work, I explored solo. Oysters & beer for breakfast, California Academy of Sciences, SF MOMA & surrounding galleries. It's the first time I've done that and it was pretty fun. I sat in front of the giant fish tanks for as long as I wanted and got to skip exhibits that didn't interest me. Got to see some friends (though not everyone) and ate and ate and ate. OOF.

The wedding was really fun too - my cousin looked amazing and we danced all night to a live band. Robyn & I took the ferry from the Ferry Terminal to Larkspur where her old roommate picked us up to take us to the wedding. You seen that movie The Sweetest Thing? We changed on the ferry and wore blue and pink. All we needed was an 80s dressing room montage.

On Sunday, the next day, we caught a ride back to the city with some new friends and on the way we went wine tasting. It was drizzly and cold so we got some Mitchell's ice cream (what is it about rain that makes you crave this!?) then ordered sushi for delivery and watched movies on Netflix streaming.

Then I hopped back on the plane to come back to NYC. Great to be back but not at work!

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