Monday, January 25, 2010

Catching up on movies

This weekend I had a mini marathon of new-ish movies:

Fantastic Mr. Fox
I think Wes Anderson needs to just be made the Roald Dahl movie-maker. He just gets it - the sense of humor and the detail. The voice actors were really good too, especially Eric Anderson as Kristofferson and Wallace Wolladarsky as Kylie. And, in this blasted new world of CGI, it's really nice to see directors and moviemakers who are taking the time to still create stop-motion movies.

Sherlock Holmes
Total Guy Ritchie eye candy the whole way through. Very entertaining.

Whip it!
I went into this with very low expectations but seeing Ellen Page in her first non-annoying role was kind of nice. And have I mentioned how much I love Kristen Wiig? I do. This ended up being a lot better than I thought it would be. Alex and I have been wanting to go back to Austin (and not during the clusterf--- that is SXSW so that he can actually spend time with his friends) and if we do I definitely want to check out a roller derby.
It's got a pretty good message re: girl power etc etc but not irritatingly so. Plus the soundtrack is awesome and Drew Barrymore gets jacked a lot. Oh and Juliette Lewis is still awesome.

Sascha Baron Cohen is certified bananas. That's all.

Inglourious Basterds
I've had this movie for a while but kept putting off watching it for whatever reason. I don't know why - it ended up being a great watch. Tarantino's got a formula but it's one that works. The costumes were amazing and so was the acting. Definitely a re-watcher.

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